♥ Ru on Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roasted Human!!

Ya, after forgetting to apply sun block and being lazy by applying only to my shoulders, now, I felt like a roasted human haha.. Sun burnt!! The lesson learnt is that next time, I must be more hardworking in such things in order not to end up in agony. The painless experience is priceless!!

Then, another sad thing that happened is that my knee hurts quite a bit when the entire hiking event is about to finished. haha.. In the end, I was almost limping back ba. Hopefully, it'll be fine tomorrow.

The ROM ceremony I went to tonight is pretty dark actually, but I think the overall event is interesting. The speech is great, that of the JP and the couple! It's the 1st time I've heard a entirely chinese ROM. With the JP giving interesting ideas of Buddhism that's I've never heard of in my entire life. Now that I know actually in Buddhism, the idea of financial planning is being taught, I'm pretty amazed by it!!