♥ Ru on Saturday, January 23, 2010

Udders Ice Cream

Hmm, the queue was really long, it was like almost always queued till the door area. We heard from the boss that it's usually fri and sat nights that the business will be very good and tonight it was great!

For someone like me that hated queuing also queued for it haha.. Well at least the ice cream didn't disappoint me. It's good. I heard from one of my friends that the Bailey's one is normal 'cos it just tasted like Bailey's. Yup, it does and it's pretty strong I guess. The other liquor ones are better haha.. Well, I'm already called an alcoholic when I said I wanted to eat the Bailey's one, was a little affected but doesn't really matter. After all, maybe I really am 'cos I love Bailey's haha...

Had a great time catching up with them and chatting till we took the 2nd last train back, from the NEL, it's really the last train haha..