♥ Ru on Monday, February 1, 2010


Even after my friend told me to go and sleep 2 times yesterday, actually, my eyelids aren't tired at all haha.. But I decided to go and sleep anyway. So ended up lying on my bed for many hours and I have no idea when I actually fell asleep but I think it should be quite late le. Since in the morning, I ended up feeling super tired and was unable to wake up again!!

So for today, I've decided le, I shall sleep much earlier today. Think I'll just get a super boring book to assist me ba. If not, lie there and cannot sleep is quite pathetic actually. So now the thing is.. which book should I read later?

For today, I'm pretty hardworking ba, 'cos I've practiced 80% of my tricks. Walked to the mrt station and yes I took a train home instead of the bus. 'cos I felt that since the bus is always crowded, and I can't get to exercise nor read plus I need to squeeze with so many ppl, it's pretty sian. So I might as well take train home haha.. My target for the week is that, I shall finish the book I'm currently reading.