♥ Ru on Saturday, May 22, 2010

Advanced Personal Number Profiling Day 1

Went for the advanced personal number profiling class today. So far, it's very interesting. There's actually quite a lot of things that can be seen from the chart itself. The good thing is that, my teacher says after you know what might happen, there's only 50% chance in it happening. 'cos actions can be taken to prevent it from happening. As in, just manifest for all the good things to happen and put in extra effort to work on the weaker areas in order to improve it.

But she also mentioned that if we are to do a more detailed analysis for ppl, we must collect a fee or at least a treat for it so that there's an exchange of energy if not it's no good for the people we read. As in, somehow it's better that we don't read at all then to read it 'cos the good things that are supposed to happen might not come true. And it's also bad for the person who read the thing, which is me. I'm looking forward for tomorrow's class. 'cos it's more towards how to improve things.