♥ Ru on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 2 Good Friend's Bday

Well, for the 1st time since dunno when, I'm actually early for my appointment with them! LOL.. I think it's purely cos I'm not having any full time job ba. 'cos last few mths or year that I'm still in my usual working life, I'm perpetually 100% late for their appointments either due to OT or some other issues somehow linked to work. But unfortunately, I still forgot to bring their souvenirs along. Actually, it's very big but still I just can't remember. Maybe it's time to bring all those stuff into my room so that I'll remember ba.

Also, maybe we have some how lost touch to the neoprints technology 'cos when we took neoprints today, the print out is so small that we need to strain our eyes a lot to see it. Imagine we actually chose a 6 tiny photos inside 6 small space instead of choose just 6 small photos to be printed. That photo taking was done at one of the shops at bugis junction. I highly Unrecommend anyone to use their machines 'cos the staff / store manager was very unfriendly in terms of customer service. I guess, it should be the last time we are visiting that shop ba. I rather go to any other store than that one. Especially when Orchard also have such shops.