♥ Ru on Saturday, May 29, 2010

Robert G Allen Course Day 2

For today's program, we need to break this board but a much better quality one as compared to the one in KL. And well, after hitting it twice, I ended up using my leg to break the board instead. After me, I saw so many ppl breaking theirs with their legs too haha. And I saw one extremely unbreakable board. 'cos the girl hit the board with her hand, it doesn't break. Then she hits it with the hammer, it still doesn't break. I can tell that she used so much force in it 'cos the board is dented but just refused to break. Not sure if I did take a video of that unbreakable board.

There's this other unbreakable board in my sitting area, she hits it with her hand, cannot break, hit with leg also cannot break. Then 2 men in our area tried to help her break it, one hit with the leg, cannot break. The other karate master hits with the hand also cannot break. Finally, my team leader managed to break it after 2 x training with another 2 boards using his leg. Maybe 'cos the board already have some internal injuries that's why it finally break ba.