♥ Ru on Monday, June 21, 2010

After around 3 months of jobless state

For me, being able to survived for around 3 months without a regular job for me is like almost unbelievable. I did use some of my savings but actually I didn't use that much I think. And from my tracking, I'll definitely be better off this month than last month. At least I think so. And whatever I'm doing reminds me of...

I've remembered the last time when I'm celebrating my friend's birthday at Raffles Place area. One of my friend a Christian shared with me more about Christianity. Somehow or rather it seems like whatever I believe in is similar to Christianity 'cos I believed that we should give 10% of our income to Charity, they give it to their church, for me, I gave it to world vision now. If you are interested in donating to time, can click on that link haha. The logic behind the donation is mainly about sharing with the society, sharing with the universe material things that I've obtained.

She mentioned that her pastor went on a mission to spread the love of god without regular pay from being a stationed pastor. It's actually very brave of him to do that. And they believed that if they believe what they are doing is for good, they don't have to worry. Although I'm not a believer of any particular religion, maybe more of guan yin ma at the temple in bugis, 'cos I used to donate that 10% to her temple initially but then 'cos I didn't dropped by so World Vision is an easier alternative 'cos I can donate online haha. That's the lazy way of doing it. But from the moment I started sharing with the universe, things actually changes and improves a great deal!

To me, religion is just a form of belief that relates us to a particular way of thinking more. I believe in retribution, sharing and the unlimited possibilities when you tap into the universe. Sorry if this comment offends anyone.