♥ Ru on Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Blessed Day

I felt very blessed that Wendy actually gave us a ride around serangoon area to look at properties. Also, she bought us the chicken rice @ Serangoon Circle. After which, we went to her office for the networking session. Although we didn't managed to sell our Robert G Allen's Autographed mp3 players, we managed to find some people that are interested in helping us market the item.

At night, we went to meet my team leader for the 1.1.11 challenge we had at Robert G Allen's program. One of his friends actually gave us a supper treat. This night, I've came to understand that being able to drink some alcohol is really a required skill in case ppl just force you to drink lol. The only thing I can help for today was that I helped my leader finish up his share haha. So we managed to get a ride home :D Thanks a lot. About the drinking part, most of the times, it's actually an illusion on my side but I shall not share what exactly I did :P