♥ Ru on Sunday, June 20, 2010


Went shopping with my friends to help one of them choose nicer looking clothes. And my vote for the shirt went through haha. Most importantly, I would like to thank my friend for the lunch treat :D

I came to realised that maybe I'll get what I wanted in life as long as I want it enough and believe that I'll get it. 'cos I was once thinking of writing this particular book that has not much words in it, after I came to understand about the book title "What men know about women" and the book is blank. So I'm thinking of having one that also don't have a lot of contents / words inside haha.. Then that time when I 1st came up with that idea, the friend I shared that idea with told me that it can't really work. But I still somehow feel that it'll work out but just can't explain why it'll.

I've no idea why but another friend of mine gave me this "$1000 note" but of course the note is not real haha. It's just a piece of paper printed like the "$1 Million" note I've got from Robert G Allen. I told her that she should also put there, "This is definitely not legal tender, or This is not a legal tender" instead of the word specimen. Because I like that sentence more and it just makes it more interesting. They wanted to sell it but then 'cos MAS feels that they are selling it too cheaply so they didn't approve it. So I'm thinking about how to value add to what they have to offer. With this, it struck me that I should sort of implement my book together with this friend's dollar note. And they agreed to work with me, provided my idea is good ba.  So now, I shall just implement my idea in a draft format. And see if I can finish it up by tomorrow. So that I have something to show them. :D