♥ Ru on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sitting at McDonald's

Now I'm like sitting in one of the McDonald's in Bugis area, surfing net and will be doing my "Big Rocks". Somehow, I felt a lot more free than before but then, I'm also more lonely than before. Not too sure if it's just a mood swing thing or that I'm sort of detached from people. I'm in a state that even if I have friends around me, I can sense that "wall" between us somehow. Does anyone knows any "contractor" that can help me in demolishing that "wall"?

Wasn't able to meet one of my best friend this sat 'cos I ended up scheduling another appointment with some of my poly friends prior to that. Actually, I missed her and I missed my ex-colleagues. And I need to be a lot more motivated to do all the bigger things I need to do with my life. The upset feeling cannot continue...