♥ Ru on Thursday, June 10, 2010

SMRT Graffiti

Have been seeing the SMRT GRaffiti news on the papers for quite a few days. Honestly speaking, I personally find the SMRT Graffiti artistically and nicely done up. So much so that their staff also mistook it as advertisement and only reported the case about 2 days after that. I feel that the SMRT should have preserved the Graffiti on the train instead of washing it off as it's really nice looking. But then too bad the guy (Fricker) that spray painted that piece of art is very courageous yet stupid 'cos he should have applied for permission before doing it. So that his art can be appreciated and admired by more people instead of being removed and only pictures of it are left and in return have to be arrested and put on trial about that.
But I feel that his case and the car and property vandalism case is different. At least this is nice and beautifully done. I do hope that our government and court could make use of his talent to help us decorate all our HDB void decks as a form of punishment instead of jailing and caning him, as for the expenses incurred in the process, that's his to bear as a form of fine. That will certainly beautify Singapore future and yet bring justice to his case as well. It has to be all the void decks and not just some so that it feels more like a punishment. Because it's decoration of ALL our void decks with nice looking Graffiti does takes up a lot of time, and that's a more win-win punishment in replacement of caning. And just let him bear all the cost of that spray painting fee for all the decorations as a form of fine. Yes give him a deadline such that he needs to paint them everyday for like 12hrs or something. This will make Singapore better looking, and yet punish the person for trespassing SMRT areas and "vandalizing" SMRT property. It will then be a win-win situation ma. :)

Ref Article: SMRT Graffiti