♥ Ru on Sunday, June 6, 2010

UOB Credit Cards

I'm blessed to know that from each and every day that passed by, I learn something new almost everyday. For today, I've came to learn that there's 2 different limit for UOB Credit Cards, 1 for payment and 1 for installment plan. Well, usually the 1 for the installment plan is much lower than that for the payment part. So even if they allow things like 4X your monthly pay, you are probably only allowed to use installment up to 2X the pay or even lower. I think that's actually quite a good thing, to control and prevent ppl from overspending I guess. :)


  1. You may mention what does UOB stands for at least once...

  1. Ru said...:

    Hmm UOB stands for United Overseas Bank. It's a local bank in Singapore. Btw, which country are you from?