♥ Ru on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An upset day..

Perhaps in life, a lot of things must really let go and dun think about it too much.. And I've also came to realised that usually, when I tear, it's normally 'cos I laugh too much.. Somehow, when I'm really very sad / depressed about things, I'll tend to hold back my tears and don't let them come out. I think I do need to think about more consequence before doing certain things just in case sometimes, if things doesn't turn out my way, I wonder what will happen to me? I admit that I'm rather rash today for whatever I do. But in fact, I'm still pretty upset about whatever that happened today. I hope that tomorrow will be better.

Perhaps, if I do cry, I might be able to let the feelings go away... Maybe I do need to reflect on myself 'cos usually what ever that happens, it's due to cause and results.