♥ Ru on Friday, July 9, 2010

Cashflow game..

For the cashflow game yesterday night, it's pretty fast paced 'cos we managed to complete the game. I'm the only one that have problem getting out of the rat race 'cos most of the opportunity cards I picked are Certificate of Deposit, Mutual Funds etc.. Only 1 stock card, 1 gold coin card, 1 property card. The last property card that got me out of the rat race is 'cos my friend donated about $40K to me, then only I'm able to afford the property that got me out of the race. 'cos it's a big deal so the deposit is $50K lol..
What I've learned from the game is that do not laugh at others 'cos there'll be bad karma and I will experience whatever happened to their character. Overall, it's an interesting game.