♥ Ru on Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ezlink Card

Well, I really don't understand why is it that I've just spoiled 2 Ezlink cards since the new one started. The old ezlink is so much better, it works well, and never gets disabled / undetectable no matter what. But the new one I really suspect that there might be some form of bug somehow 'cos.. Just about last mth, I was about to enter the gate to take the train at the MRT station near my house, then the ezlink card, after showing error for the 1st time, becomes undetectable then I need to replace it with a new one.

Today, when I exit from at the MRT station near my house, at the same machine (This exit can be used as entry / exit) then the new card somehow got the same problem and became undetectable again. I believe there should be a bug of some form that they didn't detected. Which seem to only happen to me 'cos I've got the suay hand as usual. LOL..

So since the incident is similar, I think maybe 'cos when you stand too near the exit then you tap your card, which somehow receive an error. When the error appear, I immediately removed the card and try again, after which, the card no longer functions. And this only happens to the dual side exit somehow. I really don't know why.