♥ Ru on Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday MIP!

First of all, I would like to wish MIP a Happy 2nd Birthday!

I've really enjoyed myself at the program today being the logistics support for the program review as well. I've benefited on both revision of whatever I've learned so far as well as from the lessons I've learnt from being logistics support as well. I really feel that it's great to be able to participate more in such programs itself. Especially, when I actually enjoyed myself after taking the mic up and commenting on the results along with my fellow logistics mate - Pauline. It's a different experience and it's so impromptu. I even go to the extend of interviewing participants that didn't take action, or even people that are looking at the annual reports haha. I guess, it's the most fun event I ever had in my life ba.

In a way, it's called doing crazy things to get out of my comfort zone of staying behind the scene, and yet being able to enjoy myself doing it. It's more of a misleading job to do 'cos that's the whole idea. Entertain those people around and helping them feel less stress in the tense environment and most importantly, have fun doing it. :) But I really would like to thank Norman Yeo from the training he gave me as I probably would never have done such a thing if I still feel scared talking in front of others. It's just a small step into being more confident and comfortable talking to the crowd, the only thing is that, there's no need to face the crowd directly. Maybe that's why I stopped feeling uneasy after a while ba.

Also, I would like to thank Ken and Clive for creating the program so that I can attend it and be part of it, as well as being supportive for whatever I did during the program. :)

 Logo on our new t-shirt for the celebration event!

Cheque presented to Charity by our program masters :)