♥ Ru on Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 Steps to Change

My lessons from "The Power of Focus" book today is that I've learned 3 simple steps to change habits to a successful one.

  1. List down a habit that's holding me back.
  2. Think of a successful new habit that I need to implement to remove the the habit that's holding me back.
  3. Write a 3 steps Action Plan to start implementing my New Habit! In fact is the most important of the 3 steps as it's what that will get me moving forward.
In fact, I think it's best to tell others what is it that I want to implement so that there are ppl that will help me in pushing me towards my goal or at least remind me that I should move in that direction :)

As for me now, here's my steps:
  1. Not keeping my desk neat, so far whenever I tidied it up, it at most last about 2 weeks before it got back to square one.
  2. Put things back to where it should be so that I'll always be able to find my stuff and the desk will be neat and tidy :)
  3. Well the 3 steps I need to do is:
    • Pack it to the neat state all over again!
    • Set aside a in queue area for my letters and other stuff that's pending my processing and make sure that all processed items are kept away.
    • Set up a frequently accessed area for things that I'm currently using, i.e. the books I'm reading now, my notebooks and other stuff.
Now what I really need is to be able to implement my action plan and consistently implement the bottom 2 steps so that it'll always be neat. Because I think in order to have clarity in anything, the working area really have to have clarity as well. :P