♥ Ru on Friday, August 20, 2010

Bit.ly - Best URL Shortening Tool!

Why Bit.ly? Because it's a Great and Easy to Use Tool to:-

  • Mask your affiliate links
  • Shorten your links for twitter
  • Avoid mistakes in typing lengthy URLs.
  • Track how many people clicks on your link.
  • Find out where they got the link from.
  • Find out which country are your audience located in.
  • Discover who else helped to share your links!

Amazing isn't it? They even have this Simple Tour that guides you on how to use the tool - http://bit.ly/a/tour

Even if you didn't register, they are still able to track your links for you. But there's a limit to this functionality if you don't register. As your records might expire. If you are interested, just sign up for the account, it's free anyway! :)