♥ Ru on Thursday, August 19, 2010

Business Network International

I went for one of my friends' Business Network International gathering today. It's actually quite interesting, although initially, I'm quite lost. But after some time, then ok le. A new experience I should say, with a group of people that likes whatever each other is going so much and having lots of fun!

The people there are really very friendly, so I shall add those that I've talked to into my hotlist then. Just that I'm not too sure if they really remember me :P But after sometime, I'll need to replace my friend for about 2 weeks so it should be ok I guess.

The only downside is that. 7.30am is really a tough timing to wake up and go for the meeting. I'm glad I'm there. I'm so blessed!


  1. Roger said...:

    Hey glad you visited BNI! Reminds me of several years ago when I visited and joined them eventually for a year :) Business networking is THE way to go! In fact, 90% of my business is via word of mouth business networking.
    Roger Loh

  1. Ru said...:

    It's really an eye opening experience for me I should say.

  1. Sam said...:

    Hi Pei Ru,

    Glad to hear that. I have just been invited by two friends to attend 2 BNI events next week too . Once of them is my Success Permission (SP) classmate, the other I known through Roger's 'Give n Gain' networking event. Is your BNI from KC's group? (caus it is also at 7.30am)

    I just found out that there is a SP basic workshop ($127, FREE as my guest)

    I am just curious whether young and entrepreneur lady like you want to find out who you are and your sub-conscious potential?

    Would it be OK if I invite you to attend this basic SP workshop tomorrow evening 7.30pm?


  1. Ru said...:

    Hi Sam,
    I think maybe all BNI's starts at 7.30am. The one I attended is called Abundance. I'm not sure if it's KC's group because, I'm not sure who is KC? :P I can't make it for tomorrow evening's session, is there any session maybe on the 9th Sep or something? Actually, I prefer Wed / Thurs evening. Thanks for inviting.

  1. Sam said...:

    Hi Pei Ru,

    I am new to BNI also. Nevertheless, you may also wish to consider Roger's 'Give n Gain' networking event. It is great, perhaps as good as or better than BNI (because many BNI people also participating in this). A few of us are also assisting Roger to organise the next activity next month.

    Would it be OK if we also invite you to our next event?

    By the way, the SP basic workshop is usually conducted fortnightly (usually on Monday evening)
    You may call Suelin at 91456534or check the below link to register and get your FREE gift.

    The SP is my first passion to share with friends; my second interest is the Power of Number analysis. My next curiosity would be the Zi Wei (have not find time yet, target next month to explore). Perhaps you could share with me on the Feng Shui things when we meet again. I also like your Psychology of color. Someone just asks me to pink her name card with various colors on Sat (with the characters of the color written behind). I pick Blue, what about you?