♥ Ru on Thursday, August 12, 2010

Complaints must be directed to the right people!

Well from today's experience, I understand that in life, complaints really must be directed to the right people if you do wants to solve the problem and get things done. It's like there're still people smoking inside the lift at my house area, so in order to solve the problem, I thought the sign says it's enforced by law, so I called the police's non-emergency hotline lol! Then the policeman directed me to the NEA, National Environment Agency. Didn't know that they are the one in charge haha.

So I called the NEA, they told me that the lifts are own by HDB, they can only send people down to enforce the rule, as in remind them of the rules I guess. And that's what I want to achieve anyway. 'cos I tried to suggest to them, why not, they install a smoke detector or something so that it deters such things from happening haha. So they told me this one not under their control, then I also suggested that why not they install air refresher instead, so that it's cheaper I guess and it does solve the problem doesn't it? Then they told me, yes some of the lifts already have that just that they are not in my area. :X And it's also not under their control.

So I guess, maybe I should either call town council or HDB about it them. If I do want my suggestions to get implemented. I got a feeling that I need to send in the feedback myself. But, I still would like to thank them for their kind efforts for intending to remind my neighbours about that rule :) Hopefully, everyone else's life will be better from then on. 'cos it's not just me that's affected after all. Just that no one bothers to inform the right party haha.