♥ Ru on Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feng Shui Seminar

I went to this free feng shui seminar today. It's rather interesting, because the master added lots of value to me. She shared about how the birth date affects the looks and how the looks reflects the things we lack. About things to avoid when buying a house, etc.

Here's the tips she shared, it must be obvious to be considered the case.
Lack Metal: Less $ & more trouble.
  • Gap between Front Teeth (this can be easily fixed with today's technology)
  • Big and small eyes (e.g. 1 side single eyelid, the other side double eyelid, bad for their parents.)
  • Gap or protruding bone in nose bridge. 
  • Iris did not touch both the upper and lower eyelid. (Nowadays can wear the type of contact lens that makes it look bigger.)
Lack Wood: Don't have a mind of their own, and lacks wisdom
  • Collapsed nose bridge, small nose
  • Narrow forehead, pointed forehead
  • Narrow gap between eyebrow (Can plurk eyebrow to mitigate)
  • Narrow gap between eye and eyebrow (must be at least 1 middle finger gap)
Lack Water: Lacks supporters or people that will help you, marriage / relationship issues
  • Coarse voice (usually for female), generally just voice that sounds very awlful
  • Super small eyes (confidence issue)
  • Protruding eyes (<35 yrs old may have bad relationship issues)
  • Sharp and protruding cheekbones, cheeks that lacks meat
I shall continue the rest of it another day. Sleepy..

Due to my direct translation from chinese, some of the contents might sound a bit weird. Feel free to correct them if you know how to phrase it better :P