♥ Ru on Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Feng Shui Seminar (Cont'd)

Let's continue where I've left for the tips shared with regards to looks / appearance.

Lack Fire: Laziness, Lacks Power (Not suitable for career that requires authority and discipline, e.g. military, high ranking managerial positions)
  • Light, thin or short eyebrows (which can easily be corrected using today's eyebrows shaping technology)
  • Eyes that look weak or cannot focus, or unable to look directly into another's eyes. (This is usually due to lack of confidence which I believed can be trained, it just takes time)
  • Thick upper lip and thin lower lip. (Can try to fix this using makeup)
Lack Earth: Lacks Foundation, Lacks Fortune
  • Small ears, no ear loops (I think plastic surgery should be able to fix this, if not can wear big crystal or diamond earrings to make it appear bigger)
  • For female, belly button that's protuding outwards or very flat and light.
  • For male, skinny buttocks.
  • Not much flesh at the side of the nose, flat cheek bones.

Ok here's the Feng Shui Portion... Things to look out for when buying properties:
(To fix, usually is put a Ba Gua or 6-Solid Metal Rod Wind Chime outside the window / door. I prefer the wind chime alternative as it's nicer looking)
  • Avoid facing the items below directly through any of the windows or door 
    • Gap between buildings (which is super common in our HDBs nowadays)
    • Bridge
    • Mosque, Temple, Church (Leads to relationship issues)
    • Big dirty / smelly drains or even a big drain without any water in it. (Not so good for men)
    • Tall Tower / building that's not near another building of similar height (It must be alone).
  • Avoid facings the items below directly at your main door:
    • Big Tree
    • Lift
    • Edge of wall / buildings
    • Staircase Entrance
    • Big Road
    • Long walkway before reaching our home. (If there's a staircase just next to your house, it's ok. If not just make your door look striking / outstanding so that one can see it from far)
  • Avoid Dim / Dark / Moist house (If there's no sun light shining into the house, use mirror to lead the sunlight inside but must not shine onto the stove.)
  • Avoid staying on top floor of a Tall Building that's alone by itself, as in no building near it that's of similar height. (Office is fine but not home.)
  • Avoid House with toilet / kitchen at the center (normally we don't see this so should be ok)
  • Avoid unit no with 1, 7, 4, A etc (Will lead to stubbornness)
  • Good to have unit no. with 6, 8, 9, 3, 5 (Attract wealth)
That's all that I've learnt from that. Hope that adds value to your life as well :)