♥ Ru on Monday, August 30, 2010

It's all about implementing the things I've learnt!

I love positive people and people that believes in helping one another. The feeling of helping another and the person appreciates my help is GREAT! What I can do is only this much. Most of the time, it's really about sharing what I've experience and know, in the process, having more friends that I've added value to in life. :)

I'm quite glad that, whatever I'm doing for now does add value to other people's life in one way or another. If they signed up for a course and benefits from it because they implements it, I'm glad that they did. When I implements the knowledge that I've gained from courses and it does brings results, I'm glad that it works. In the process, I learned and understands what works and what doesn't. If I can help others save money and yet get what they want to achieve. Because some things are meant to be and some are not meant to work that way.

There are things I've experience and there are a lot more things I need to learn. It's either I learn from others or I'll learn it the hard way. If my friends can implement the easier way out and achieve the same results, why not? I've came to understand that actually, everyone in this world can become financially free and get everything they want in their dreams. But how many of them out there are willing to put in the effort, time and even money to learn it? Well, that's the key to what differentiate the results of one person from another.

Nothing in this world is free, yet there are people that gets things for free, but remember, normally when it's free, you would have put in your time and energy to get it for free. It's been paid for, just that it's in a different form. Think about it...