♥ Ru on Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love is the opposite of Ego

The truth is, I was a bit hesitating and was even thinking of not attending today's sharing session with the group. But I'm very glad that I went and I'm blessed to be invited. It's like out of so many others out there, I'm one of those invited, and I'm not even their batch haha.

Most importantly, I accepted the invitation out of curiosity but curiosity didn't kill the "cat". In fact, it's really a good thing to be there and although I walked so far with the high heels and it's painful but the lessons I've learnt during the session is worth more than that. :)

I found the photographer that is willing to take my photo so that I can get my namecard reprinted. Even if I dun print it, at least there will be a much better looking photo soon. :) I'm glad and happy about it.

Patrick Lee taught us that Ego leads to failure 'cos we didn't want to admit our fault, we let our pride stop us from moving forward. And Love is the opposite 'cos the act of sharing and giving will get us a lot more in return. Because give and you shall receive. There's abundance and sharing brings us closer to the universe and connects us more so that we can have more room to receive things that enriches our lives.

Most importantly, whatever others thought about us really doesn't matter at all, and that's what caused many other's failure. I thank Jerome for teaching us that, although I didn't implement it sometime. But now, I really don't care about that most of the time.