♥ Ru on Friday, August 6, 2010

Meetup Day!

Glad to see my friends today. For lunch, I met up with a great friend / mentor for lunch today. Good to catch up with him as his words are always so enlightening. I like his saying that everything you do can lead to success it's just about how passionate you are in doing it and whether it's your own strengths in doing those stuff. Because, if the garang guni can be successful, the hawker selling famous food can be successful, what else can't be? Actually, even if you sell fish, as passionate as qianhu's boss, you can also succeed in selling fish!

As for me, my hobby is really in writing blogs I felt. 'cos I find it rather fun to do it. I'm still in the process of improving and writing stuff that adds more value, even if it's just about my own life. If by sharing about me, can add values to other's life, even if it's just a bit of entertainment, that's enough for me! Just that recently, I quite lack the creativity touch. Except for my McChicken Call Options analogy.

As for tonight's gathering, although there's only 3 others but at least there are 3 turn ups. I enjoyed talking to them. Hope to see more people at the next class gathering then. :)