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Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color is one of the most useful things that's being taught in the class itself. I've learnt that difference colors have different meanings and will give different results. i.e. the same book will differently just by the change of the book cover's color with everything else intact. How amazing!

Here's the Details:

  • Red:
    Energetic, Dynamic, Speedy, Enthusiasm, Protection from Fear and Anxiety, Draws Attention, Life
  • Pink:
    Love, Romantic, Feminine, Most Calming Color, Gentle
    Usually used in sites that attracts female crowd.
  • Orange:
    Fun loving, Trendy, Warmth, Excitement, Vibrant, Stimulates Appetite, Encourage Socialization
    Good for sites that promotes food because it tends to make people hungry.
  • Yellow:
    Sunny, Joyful, Youth, Grabs Attention, Speeds Metabolism
    If used too much, especially bright yellow background will make people tired when reading the text.
  • Green:
    Calming, Refreshing, Relaxing Mentally and Physically
    It's generally perceived to be good for the eyes.
  • Blue:
    Power, Trust, Peace, Loyalty, Calm, Cold, Depressing
    Usually, banks use Blue so that they portrays more trust in people, e.g. UOB, POSB, CitiBank.
  • Purple:
    Royalty, Wealth, Sophisticated, Uplifting, Calming to mind and neves, Creative, Original
    Usually used in jewelry or sites that sells expensive stuff because of the image it portrays.
  • Brown:
    Solid, Reliable, Down to earth, Genuine, No-nonsense, Stability
    Usually, men prefer this color.
  • Silver:
    Elegant, Cool, Riches, Glamorous, Distinguished, Earthy, Natural, Sleek, Modern
  • White:
    Innocent, Purity, Clarity, Cleanliness, Neutral
    That's why usually, doctor's coat and nurse uniforms are white.
  • Black:
    Power, Authority, Classic, Mysterious, Sophisticated
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