♥ Ru on Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Had a great discussion session with one of my friends at McDonald's today. It's great to get a clearer view of what's exactly happening in my life and why is it so.

Had a very much enjoyable chat and catch up with another friend that I've not seen for the past 4 months! It's great talking to her. Am glad that at some of in life, I helped to solve her dry eyes problem. Glad that the same solution works for both of us. :) At least for now, I came to understand that it's not the brand, it's the ingredient that helps! Thanks to her, I might be able to solve my foot blister problem as well :)

I love the idea of sharing and helping one another so that tomorrow can be better for all of us :)
Take care all my friends!

If you have the time, do read my Call Option's McChicken Analogy & Put Option's HP analogy! That's by far the most creative thing I've come up with so far :P Hope to get more inspirations soon.