♥ Ru on Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sisters' Gathering

Went for my friend's Sisters' Gathering today! So it's another event that I'll be my friend's sister (the 4th time for me). Actually, it's quite fun I feel but Joey is the most excited of us all! Probably 'cos she hasn't got a chance to be other bride's sister. Generally, the 1st time, I feel very excited as well! After many times, it's more of a fun thing to do. Especially when I can get to decide what games I want to play! Very chek ark of me hor?

Well, actually it's cos I kena arrowed to do the thinking of all the games. Currently, I welcome all games suggestions if you have. :) Thanks in advance for that. But please give it to me more discretely k. The groom can't know about the games, if not then not fun le lol!