♥ Ru on Friday, August 13, 2010


Went to support my friend at his chinese toastmaster club today. It's pretty funny, enjoyable and interesting. Maybe I should join one but then next year ba.

I've decided that I should re-organise my life and sort out the 2 most important things that I wanted to do 1st and concentrate on that. If not, I'll just be trying to shoot many animals with just 1 bow and arrow, so in the end, I'll just shoot in the middle of no where and hit nothing. If other words, nothing will ever succeed as the effort is not enough. Hope that tomorrow will be better :)

I shall start planning on the things I wanted to do and sort things out during the mrt ride tomorrow haha. Must make full use of my time as usual. :) After all that's what I did to pass all my financial papers last time, study at every single time I had, and really study hard. 'cos I put everything else aside and focus. So focus is the key to success after all. If I got time, I'll put up the banner photo that I took. :P