♥ Ru on Thursday, September 9, 2010

BNI - Legacy Chapter

Another early morning waking up so that I can attend the BNI that my friend invited me to. Actually, I just want to explore and find out more about how they run it and visit different ones to see what are the trades they have that I can use or refer to other people in the future haha. It's pretty challenging to move around the MRT at this time in the morning as well with the fully packed station filled with people!

After this BNI, I came to realised that actually all BNI people are super friendly and helpful, I guess that's the main reason why they are in that network I guess. For this time, I even get the chance to join in the fun in their Sept Babies Bday Celebration!

The most unbelievable part of it is that I actually got a referral haha. :D


  1. . said...:

    hi...am glad that you visited..and so very happy for you that you got a referral!!! Keep visiting but it's best to make a choice to join or not, no matter which chapter and let me know your choice. I will always respect your choice...Azman

  1. Aaron said...:

    Thanks for your thoughts Ru. Yea, we are a group of really fun people wanting to bless other people. I just got one "done deal" just a couple of hours ago. I always ask this question to all potential Directors of Legacy, "Are you satisfied with your current sale/income/marketing strategies etc? If not, then what would you do differently to have different results?" Networking can lead you to any possibilities. See you again..soon Aaron Khoo

  1. Christine said...:

    Hi Ru,
    My name is Christine Chia, I am the vice president of BNI Elite Chapter.
    Great to hear that you have visited Legacy Chapter. I would strongly recommend you to join Legacy Chapter because I happen to know most of their member director. They are trully a group of giver. More referral will come along when trust and relation is build.
    Hope to see you when I visit Legacy Chapter next time ;P