♥ Ru on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Helping Out in Lifestyle 2010 @ Funan Digitalife Mall

For these few days, I've been helping out in a booth event at Lifestyle 2010 @ Funan Digitalife Mall. The downside is that well, there are quite few people visiting our booth. Not too sure why but after changing the arrangement of the deco 2 times, we've decided to let it as what it is currently. Yesterday I think we have the most people visiting and register I guess. 

On the average there's only like around < 20 people passing by our actual booth. So the exhibitors are practically visiting each other's booth instead. The good thing is that there's a OTO booth opposite us and we get to enjoy their massage chairs while resting occasionally.

Due to the low traffic amount, I've resorted to distributing flyers outside the mall at the traffic junction area as any other areas, I'll get complains usually, and that area have the most crowd so far just that it's super hot during lunch hour. I'm sort of sun burnt now. But at least there are people calling us after receiving the flyers so the result is worth my energy I guess.

My conclusion is that, when times call, must change and revise the strategy to make things work, cannot sit there and wait for something to happen because by doing that, most of the time, nothing will ever happen.

But then the only issue is that ermm due to my over enthusiasm, I went to distribute flyers at the carpark and kena complained. Just that I happened to be outside so they didn't manage to find me. Fortunately, an apology solve everything and of course the removal of the flyers off the cars. Lesson learnt is never distribute flyers at monitored carpark 'cos they have cctv and they'll take photo of me! So next time must distribute to those open carparks where they take carpark coupon instead of cashcard :P