♥ Ru on Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Interesting Company Setup Workshop

I'm glad that I'm part of the company setup workshop logistics as it's only yesterday that I realised that a workshop on such topic can also be fun and interesting. I'm happy that the event ended successfully! Thanks Eunice for conducting the workshop and putting me as part of the team!

Another thing I've noticed is that my camera's battery is actually working fine, so the day before, it's really no battery haha.. Luckily, it's still working well :) Just that, it can only record up to 30 mins worth of videos then it'll auto shutdown. After all it's only a camera. So can't expect too much.


  1. I would like to say Thanks for your sharing. But I would also request you to share the summary of that event so that we, specially I, can learn something from distant...

  1. Ru said...:

    Thanks for your comments:-

    During the program, the speaker shares about:
    - The advantages of using company to own property, in terms of taxation and GST, it's different in different countries.
    - The steps and requirements to set-up company.
    - The compliance for registering a GST company.
    (The details are too long to be shared clearly in blogs, and there are things that it's better if you can join the program to experience it.)