♥ Ru on Sunday, September 12, 2010

The King Louis Grill & Bar

What I like about the food at The King Louis is the nice tasting mushroom soup and the dessert. The main dish of the banquet set is a bit too much for 4 girls although we ordered 2-3 people's portion. I wonder if it's the portion being too big or we ordered too much haha.. 'cos we also ordered this starters plate with mixed food, calamari, cheesy potato, drumsticks and potato wedges.

I think the band at the King Louis should actually just sing english songs especially songs that are more related to the theme. 'cos listening to chinese songs there just make the environment feel weird somehow. I thought it's supposed to have the castle theme with all the waitress as princess with the crown. I think the waiters should dress like knight as well then it'll look more in sync with the theme :P And I think the band should play those music that's more related to the castle theme. So that the overall feeling matches and feels different from others.

After dinner, we went to marina @ Keppel Bay for a drink. The view there is really very nice I think.

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