♥ Ru on Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Lessons From The Secret :)

The Secret
The Secret
In the chapter on Powerful Processes, I came to understand that Expectation, Gratitude and Visualization is the 3 most important key to getting what we want in life, and the main thing to do is to practice it so much that it becomes my habit then it'll work better and be easier.

After which, the next few chapters are about how to attract the things we want in life in various areas and the key to it is in my thoughts, feelings, intention and what is it that I focus on. Some of the things I can really related to how true it really is. Because the moment I have any contradicting thoughts, then things won't really work out the right way somehow. But when I focus on what is it that I really want, sometimes, it's like when it looks like it's about to rain, I just tell myself, it's ok, because the weather will remain good until I leave the area. And it did! It's just that when it's already raining, it's not that easy to stop it immediately most of the thing I guess. Most of the time, it just gets smaller so that even without umbrella, I'm still ok but actually, my thought is I just didn't want to get wet and the universe still right in that aspect. So.. the rain didn't really stop somehow. Haha. And so far the things that I'm most successful in manifesting for is actually taxis and weather. LOL