♥ Ru on Thursday, September 23, 2010

New ez-link POSB Everyday Card

Received the New POSB Everyday Card recently. It looks not bad and this card is far better and more undervalued than the CitiBank SMRT card in terms of the ez-link features. Because it says there's no minimum spending required to get the 2% rebates for the ez-link topup and most importantly, I don't need to pay extra money to activate the card. So I just need to activate the auto topup. The only issue is that I need to use the card 1st in order to activate it. Then I can have the auto topup feature implemented.

It still comes with a 25cents admin fee per topup but then, with the 2% rebates means that per $20 topup, I only save 15cents, per $30 topup, it's 35cents and per $50 topup, it's 75cents. Just that once I set the auto topup amount, I can't change 'cos it's super troublesome to change it. So see how it goes ba. :P After all, it's still not activated yet.

I've finally activated the card:
  1. Just visit http://www.ezlink.com.sg/top-up/ez-reload-app-card.php.
  2. Select "Mastercard".
  3. Simply fill up the form and wait for your approval email.
  4. Make sure that your POSB Everyday Card has at least $3 before you can activate the auto top up feature so you may want to just top up $10 before the next step using the same machine.
  5. Once you receive the email, copy down the 12 digit "Collection Slip Number" then go to any ezlink top up machine and select activate auto topup or something like that, then just fill in the 12 digit number and soon it'll be completed!
I'm finally using the auto top up feature now :)


    1. There is no need to use the card first to activate the ezlink feature. Just approach the passenger service counter staff and deposit a minimum $10 to get the ezlink activated.

      As for auto-top up, you need to go to ezlink.com.sg for activation. Once activated, you can choose ezreload max $50.

    1. Ru said...:

      Oh.. I just called POSB and they said that it's just some issues with ezlink.com.sg that's what it doesn't work haha.. Actually all along the ezlink card is activated one. 'cos I can topup directly from the machine itself just that it doesn't auto topup nia. Now the system is finally fixed so I'm still waiting for approval.