♥ Ru on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pibo's Wedding Yesterday!

In the morning, I've realized that actually, my laptop do need an external speaker if I want to play music out loud enough! So the next time I use for such purpose better bring a small speaker along. Since I've got a few actually.

I've learned that actually it's always good to have backup, if possible more laptops of different brand just in case :P I guess that's why most of my friends always have like 2 computers during such event ba.

Well, as for the wedding dinner itself, I'm blessed to know a few new friends, that helped me take most of my food. :)

I love the dessert! It's my favorite 杨枝甘露! Yummy!!

I like Pibo's Evening gown as it's in my favorite Blue color. Honestly speaking, I liked the way she looked today. So I think it'll be great if she can look about the same everyday :) Maybe just a bit lighter makeup and the nice hairdo ba.

So far mine is just a normal camera, I quite like Bee's beautiful skin feature in her camera 'cos it's rather cool. No need to conceal the blemish until so tired, just use that camera can le haha.
 I just noticed that there's a double-O in front of Hotel Royal Queens after my friend told me about it. And she said it's the same double-O just that it moved over. Actually the exterior looks not bad not sure about the interior.

Anyway, I'm really blessed today for all the fun, entertainment, ang baos, and the rides I get from Jo's hubby and Pibo's hubby's bro. Thanks everyone.