♥ Ru on Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pranic Healing -- The Alternative Energy Medicine

Went for mediation and Pranic Healing yesterday. Actually I don't quite understand the mediation portion 'cos it's rather complicated and the exercise part will be better if it can be executed in a slower manner. But the entire mediation only takes about 30mins. Quite amazing in terms of how short the mediation process takes though.

As for the Pranic Healing portion, I find the videos rather amazing, plus they show us that even doctors practice that to supplement traditional treatment and it produced good results. They emphasis that we have this invisible energy around us. If the energy have some negativity in it, we will need to clear it so that the organs in that area will function normally again. Somehow, I forgot that I should get my cough healed instead. But at least I got my headache heal so not too bad though. I'm still wondering, if it's that amazing, why don't they heal their short-sightedness and long-sightedness? Still can't understand this part though, 'cos the practitioner told me that healing that will take a much longer time as our wearing of specs to correct our eyesight doesn't happen overnight too.