♥ Ru on Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tim Sum Dollies & Gracious Singapore!

I think the people in charge of our MRT are quite innovative in terms of promoting gracious Singapore. The new theme of Tim Sum Dollies is really very cute and nice looking. With the "Please Q" & "Excuse me. Please let us out first" at the door, along with the nice "Give Up Your Seat" pictures, it's really much better than the previous theme. Most importantly, nowadays, I really see much more people being willing to give up their seats for others at the MRT than before! So I guess, it does works. :)

Then the floor one is the best among all, with all the Tim Sum Dollies flat on the floor, to promote the please move in idea. Such floor posters are only placed at certain cabins, 'cos some of the cabins doesn't have it, perhaps only at cabins that's more crowded. I wonder is it all the train has that or only coincidence that I saw it yesterday night? There're 3 of them but I love the "This Dim Sum Dolly flat like pancake already. Move in please." most. 'cos it's so cute and funny to see such things in the train.

Too bad the train reception really cannot make it will upload the photos later..