♥ Ru on Monday, October 11, 2010

Arteastiq - Tea

The Menu

Yesterday: The tea float / ice-cream at this restaurant is pretty nice and unique. Maybe because I've never eaten such things before ba. Haha. I ordered the Captain Buntan which tastes not bad. Just that I can't believe why would it costs almost as much as the lunch I just ate earlier.

The other pot of tea that my friend ordered somehow doesn't taste bitter anyway. So the sugar was intact haha. Actually mine comes with honey which I didn't add at all as well.

I think it's quite a nice place to go 'cos it's rather peaceful and the seats is comfortable haha. This place is located at the gallery near Cineleisure. 

On the way there, I got distracted by a shop with very big hello kitties in it. Just that it's actually blue in color. It's some toy museum I supposed as inside also have this "Wu Kong" from Dragon BallZ. Too bad I dun get to take photo with the hello kitty.
In the evening, I'm quite blessed to have so many of my friends having dinner with me together at the McDonald's. :) So when I ask, I do get company for dinner after all.

Just realised that the tea restaurant name is actually "Arteastiq" not a 'Arteaslig' LOL. From the picture, I thought it's spelled that way until I did a google search.