♥ Ru on Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blessed Day

I felt very blessed that for once, I got to catch up with my friend who invited me to her house warming party. Actually, her house is pretty nice looking, as for convenience wise, actually, it's still not bad although it is at woodlands area, at least it is located near the MRT station. I thought Woodlands is actually quite far from town but then actually, from her MRT station to Tanjong Pagar Station only takes about 45-50mins. Which is pretty fast I should say. After all from my house's MRT station to the same place, it takes about 40mins. :)

Another blessed thing is that although it rained a while after I reached her house, the rain stopped when I left it, so I didn't need an umbrella. Hence, I'm blessed with nice temperature and clear sky when I'm walking to and fro the MRT station. Hope to see her and my other friends that weren't there again soon, since she's arranging for a gathering.