♥ Ru on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dinner @ Orchard

Had an enjoyable dinner discussion with one of my best friends at Orchard area. In fact, we are also debating about is it possible to be passionate about something if it really don't generates income. Well, to me is that I think it's because of passion that someone becomes successful 'cos of the numerous famous successful people that I've known so far. But she was thinking that if they didn't make that much, they won't actually be that passionate about it after all. So it's actually because they've made a fortune from it that they became even more passionate about the things they did. And it didn't end up with much conclusion on that area in the end.

Then, we went for window shopping, looking at the latest bargains at taka. In fact, who says that taka only sells expensive stuff? So far most of my night gowns for wedding dinner are bought there and most are bought at the sale. So it actually didn't cost as much as most people had imagined it to be. After that we noticed that the Christmas Decos are already in the making. But of course as usual, I'm the only excited one about it. She can't believe that the Decos are already up until we both saw that Tree in the making. And I'm reminded as the "famous" Christmas Tree photo upload-er as most of the Christmas tree photos she has seen so far are usually uploaded by me lol!

She's right but then that's 'cos I loved to take photos especially Christmas Trees, it's always amazing to see how many different types of trees are around. Every year, it's always a somewhat different design altogether. I just loved taking photos of them and admiring them at my own leisure time. :P


  1. Roger Loh said...:

    I believe that it's the passion that makes one truly successful (though I have met people who only chase after the money)...

    With passion, we will not easily give up and keep pursuing till we are truly successful despite the inevitable challenges in each of our different journeys.

  1. Hi I'm that friend she went out for dinner with.. I believe passion should be a way of living, instead of an intense pro-longed enthusiastism for a single activity.. Having fire and passion for everything you choose to do will give you success no matter which field you choose.. Hence, no matter what your decision is, I wish you success in everything you choose to do.. :)

  1. Ru said...:

    Thanks my friends. :)