♥ Ru on Thursday, October 21, 2010

Discovery from my Fingerprint Analysis

After going through the free fingerprint reading during the preview today, I came to realized that fingerprint reading isn't as simple as what I thought it was. Initially, I thought that I have 3 ulnar loops and 1 unknown loop when I went through the analysis myself purely based on the paper that I've got. But then I found out today that actually it's 3 whorl loop and 1 ulnar loop. 'cos the free analysis covers only the thumb and index finger of both hands.

Through the preview, I also found out about the various types of loops. Honestly speaking, as a non-trained personnel, it's not easy to tell them apart haha. After seeing my left index finger, that whorl loop really look very much like the ulnar loop. But the good thing is that at least I found out what my loops are today and I've got to learn many new things today. :) At least, I can now categorize between those 4 main categories of loops better. Just that, I can't tell exactly which specific type under that 4 main categories are.