♥ Ru on Friday, October 29, 2010

Had Indian Food & Some Drinks

Had dinner at one of the Indian restaurant in Little India yesterday. The Naan bread taste good. I like the cheese one that I've picked and the butter chicken tasted good as well. :P But the embarrassing part is that I actually need my foreigner friend to tell me which Indian Food is nice and non-spicy, and bring me around Little India. It's time that I need to explore Singapore more and recognize the roads. At least, I'm supposed to know my own home town better isn't it?

Also, it's actually the 1st time that I've seen someone put lime into their beer, it's rather interesting I felt. I'm still wondering, what is it meant for. That place also comes with free Tapas, which is some small finger food to go along. At the nearby area, I saw this cute looking signboard with a dog on it. It's called the Backpacker's pub according to the sign. I quite like the signboard actually. :D