♥ Ru on Saturday, October 23, 2010

Investment Outlook Seminar Review

This Thursday, my friend invited me to an FA Investment Outlook Seminar at URA Centre. After attending the seminar, I felt that Financial Alliance's seminar is quite unlike other investment seminars that I've been to. They gave me a feeling that they'll protect their clients interest genuinely. 

An example of protecting the client's interest is that when they felt that the market is going to correct, they've currently implemented the plan of shifting down their client's portfolio by 1 level so that it is faster in reducing their risk and exposure, i.e. an balanced portfolio after the shift will probably become a conservative portfolio after the shift. I like the way the protect their clients and they are very honest about their performance and judgment in things. They shared about the part that they will only increase the equities exposure of their clients in the recent market bull run after they monitor it for a while and felt confident enough that the market is really going up.

I asked them if they lost money during the economic downturn and they share with me about it honestly. This is in fact something that I like about that company. Too bad that company is not listed. Their aim is actually in capital preservation, so they would aim for a steady growth rather than high fluctuation in the portfolio performance.