♥ Ru on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Power of Gratitude

The Secret (Extended Edition)It's quite interesting to read the secret scrolls that I subscribed to. For today, it reminds me that I can never receive anything unless I'm grateful for what I already have. The Power of Gratitude is that if we are completely and always grateful for everything that we have, we will never need to ask for anything. Since what we want will be given to us even before we ask for it.

Actually when I'm a kid, I do get quite a lot of things without even asking for it. And I'm very happy and grateful that it happens. In fact, it's all thanks to my brother for all those computer game gadgets that I get to play with just because of him :)

Sad to say that as I grow older, sometimes, I tend to take certain things for granted. As a results, life isn't that smooth anymore. It really reminds me of the good old days where I get lots of stuff because I'm a lot more grateful then. As for now, the more grateful I'm with my life, I realised that the happier I'll be, in fact, the more good things I'll attract into my life. I'm glad that it happened. I'm blessed :)


  1. Shingo T said...:

    I know a few person who practise the law of attraction and achieve great success in life.

    Jia you!