♥ Ru on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thinking of Computerizing My Notes -- Is there a easier way?

Actually I'm thinking of computerizing the various useful notes from courses I've had so that I don't have to keep so many hard copy stuff. And it should be easier to locate when I need it. The main issue is that, there's so many notes and I wonder if there's any easier way to do it other than to type everything out myself.

In fact for some of the books I've read, I even have a soft copy of the summaries LOL. I'm still thinking if there'll be a much simpler, easy and faster way to do it. I'll be glad if I can have some suggestions :P After all, after all the various courses I've even attended, looking for the exact thing I want isn't that easy. I just want to systemise everything so that my life will be easier. The only thing is how can I do it with the minimal time possible?