♥ Ru on Saturday, October 9, 2010

TPY CC Networking Event

Actually for the event tonight, it's quite a different experience. There are lots of people and quite a number of familiar faces. Catch up with some of the friends and got to know some new ones. I believe that it should be a good way to network with others to expand our circle of friends to join such events. Most importantly, I've came to realised that actually, a numerology namecard is pretty good for networking purpose as most people usually will have a lot to ask.

Thanks to BNI - Abundance, we got food and some drinks as well. I'm glad that I'm very blessed with lots of great friends.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Give N Gain Event. I shall go and present the MP3 player idea then, because if I don't, there's no one to help me on that anyway. I've finally finished up the flyers and website to market it. I've also thought of new ideas on how to market it. It's time to take control over the situation I guess.

The website is at mp3.upyourpotential.com.
Do give me your feedback about the sales page(if any)