♥ Ru on Saturday, October 2, 2010

Understand Yourself through Fingerprints

Came across this company called wonderful minds, which my 2 friends shared with me about. It's actually a business opportunity where you can share with your friends, especially those that have kids. So that the kids after understanding themselves, can just learn through the most effective way so as maximize their learning ability from young.

I've found out that all our 10 fingerprints added together form our learning map, if we do the full scan, it comes with a 22 page report telling us about our personality, learning style / pattern, are we left or right brain. I heard that the more of the same pattern we have, the more we are towards that characteristic. Somehow, my thumb has such a unique pattern that it was under none of the 4 main free info that I've got. So too bad for me.

Actually, I'm quite curious to find out more..

Here's the 4 main types of patterns for the fingerprint loops.

The Arch:
  • Possesses abundant, unlimited potential, high capacity to be mould/ groomed.
  • Develop your innate, inborn talents and one will easily be a professional in one’s area of work. 
  • In terms of learning, if one is taught, one will learn and know, if one is not taught, one will not be bothered to learn it. 
  • Pragmatic, hardworking, practical, keeps to oneself. 
  • Tends to lack focus and concentration, emotions are easily affected. 
  • More conservative, dislikes changes and very self-protective.
The Radial Loop (Away from Thumb):
  • Thinking model is different from others, viewpoints are different from what is conventional or commonly accepted.
  • Goes for what you are interested in, uses one’s interest as guidance when it comes to work/ tasks. 
  • Very loyal to friends (especially between 9 and 16 years old). 
  • Likes to express oneself, way of expressing oneself is more unique, hence offend others easily when speaking. 
  • Hard to express the love in one’s heart, will not express what’s inside directly. 
The Ulnar Loop (Towards Thumb):
  • Learns by copying or imitating.
  • Easily affected by the environment.
  • Obedient, feels for others. 
  • Strong ability to adapt to the environment, gets along with others well, very co-operative, sociable, has good relationship with others.
The Whorl:
  • Ego-centric, discover on one’s own, understand and comprehend on your own. 
  • Only when one agrees and believes then he/ she will perform the task, otherwise he/ she will just do a slip-shod work.
  • Goal-oriented.
  • Likes to ask “why” often.
  • Very curious, especially when one was younger.
If you are curious to find out what's in the 22 pages report, you may download part of the sample report here.