♥ Ru on Monday, November 22, 2010

Added & Received Massive Value @ PIP this Weekend!

Was there to help out this weekend to support the participants and received massive values from our speakers, and other participants. I'm blessed to have met many old friends and met some new ones!

I like the new live feed layout that they have used to deliver the program to around 400 participants! As it makes us feel much closer to the stage and be able to see the text that they write clearer as well, thanks to the live video feed! Also, I like the new Legal Advisor, whom I've met earlier at BNI - Abundance. He much more interesting and adds lots of values to us. I love his stories and jokes! Thanks, Ting Fai for being there!

Also, there are much more sharing from Wendy and Jerome for this Property Investment Program. In fact, I like it better this way, as their sharing is the most value adding portion of the session. It's good that they have asked for more feedback from the participants via the feedback form so that the program can improve and become better along the way! It's great to see that the program is constantly improving and becoming even better every session that I've attended since May this year! I felt that it will be even better if they can incorporate more games and fun into the program so that we can remember and apply better. Just my humble suggestion...