♥ Ru on Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interesting & Fulfilling Discussion!

I'm blessed to be able to have a fulfilling discussion with Joel, this afternoon. I'm amazed by what he does for a living and find it very interesting. After talking to him, I actually have a much clearer idea on what I wanted to achieve in life and saw a different light in the things I can do. I felt very grateful and blessed to have met so many nice people in my life that guided me along the way. My new plans for the rest of this month is to sit down and start planning how I intend to move forward in my life. :)

Another very interesting thing about Joel is in terms of what his name means:
J - Joy
O - Optimism
E - Excitement
L - Laughter

It's an innovative way to describe himself, yet it's very true. If you happen to feel down or need more laughter and clarity in your life. Do consider meeting up with him.